Business Gazelles ’23

Gazele'23The new year has started for us with a success – ELEKTRA company is once again among the exclusive group of laureates of the ranking organized by the “Puls Biznesu” – Polish daily newspaper on business and economy – and Coface business intelligence agency. The ranking, for almost a quarter of a century, has been presenting the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized enterprises. Gazela Biznesu 2023 is a company which is efficiently managed, uses market circumstances skillfully, features a recognized brand and has demonstrated excellent financial status in the years 2020-2022.

“What determines the competitiveness of the Gazela Biznesu companies in today’s difficult market? In addition to modern management methods, their advantage is the flexibility in operation which stems from the smaller scale of operations, as well as the capability to quickly seize business opportunities and adapt to changing market conditions,” says Patricia Deyna, president of Bonnier Business Polska, publisher of the “Puls Biznesu” daily.

She adds: “Today’s Gazela Biznesu companies are small or medium-sized enterprises because their owners decided so (…), but the management standards they use, technical and IT solutions, featured certificates, etc., in most cases, no longer differ from those used by the largest enterprises.”

Criteria of the ranking. Gazela Biznesu 2023 is a company which:

  • started its operations before 2020 and has been continuing its operations until now, with no interruptions,
  • achieved sales revenues between PLN 3 million and 200 million in the base year 2020,
  • recorded an increase in sales revenues year by year in 2020-22,
  • never registered any losses in the years 2020-22,
  • made its financial results available for analysis, for min. three years as above (by submitting financial reports to the appropriate courts or by passing over data to Coface, or by completing the application form),
  • the company’s ranking position was determined by the percentage increase in its revenues achieved in 2020-2022, with 2020 revenues assumed as 100%.