Frost protection

systems will fulfillHeating systems protect pipes, valves, actuators and other elements vulnerable to harmful influence of low
temperatures, against the coldest winter conditions. Financial losses incurred due to damaged pipes and valves may even exceed investment costs of entire heating systems.

These heating systems are used for preventing frozen:

  • water fixtures,
  • sewage systems,
  • sprinkler systems,
  • hydrants,
  • air conditioning and ventilating pipe systems.


All metal (steel, copper, iron) and plastic pipes and tubes can be heated.

For pipe and pipeline heating, the following can be applied:

  • self-regulating heating cables ELEKTRA SelfTec®, with heat output matching the outside temperature variations.

Snow and ice protection

Protection of roofs, gutters and downpipes. Snow and ice protection systems protect against:

  • snow and ice build-up on roofs,
  • damage caused by ice build-up in gutters and downpipes,
  • unsightly water damage on building walls,
  • icicle formation.


For protecting roofs and their elements, heating cables with UV-resistant outer sheath need to be applied:



Protection of drives, traffic routes, parking spaces and stairs.

When heating external areas, it is required to assess the required heat output value per m2. Recommended heat output depends on the regional climate conditions, i.e. minimum ambient temperature, snowfall intensity and wind strength.



For heating external areas, the following options can be utilised:

  • ELEKTRA VC25 single-side supplied heating cables (power output 25 W/m),
  • ELEKTRA SnowTec® heating mats, made from ELEKTRA VCD heating cable (mat’s power output 300 W/m2),
  • tough ELEKTRA SnowTec®Tuff heating mats, made from ELEKTRA TuffTec heating cable (mat’s power output 400 W/m2).


Concrete curing

Short, tight construction deadlines force contractors to execute construction works regardless of current weather conditions. When pouring concrete in temperaturesbelow 0°C, it becomes vital to protect freshly poured concreto mixtures against freezing to ensure optimal conditions for the chemical reactions between cement and water, which constitute a crucial factor influencing resulting mechanical strength of concrete.

ELEKTRA BET heating cables are designed to protect concrete mixtures poured and curing in temperatures below 0°C.



Emergency frost, ice and snow protection

Problems occurring due to prolonged frost and snow can influence safety, building operations and house systems installation works or early farming activities, therefore a solution is required providing immediate reaction. Portable heating mats have been developed as an answer to hindrances caused by harsh winter conditions.


ELEKTRA MMV heating mats are multifunctional, flexible, waterproof and frostproof, and enable comfortable and multiple use, and thanks to that facilitate the continuation of building operations and avoidance of costly delays.

ELETRA MMR heating mats will find application as a kind of heated anti-slip elastomer doormats facilitating snow melt, to be positioned out of the external doors leading to residential or office buildings.

ELEKTRA MMT heating sleeves are specialized portableheating appliances, enabling immediate reusable application. These plastic sleeves comprise a layer of thermal insulation and a SelfTec®16 ready2heat heating cable terminated with a sealed plug.