New generation in control systems

The Elektra OCD4 opens a new chapter in temperature control. Brand new Dot Matrix display with backlight ensures better User interface. Another outstanding feature is the multi-language Menu. Similar to the previous model the OCD2, the new OCD4 is programmable, but the OCD4 model not only includes all the functions of its predecessors, e.g. can operate as the floor sensor equipped controller with the possibility of presetting the minimum and maximum floor temperature, or the air sensor with the possibility of presetting the minimum or maximum air temperature, day programming in the 4-event mode and the week mode, but enhances them with additional functions.

The most important new OCD4 controller functions, not possible in earlier versions, are:

  • new, larger dot-matrix display with backlight, is hot news not yet available in the existing controllers, enabling clearer user operation, multiple languages for the display,
  • child protection, or protection against accidental settings modification (e.g. when the controller is widely accessible),
  • free indicator selection for displaying in the main window,
  • party mode, enables the temporary comfort temperature setting for individual event,
  • energy consumption control after inputting the kWh price and the heating system Watt power, it will calculate the total heating running costs,
  • power controller this function enables the controller operation without temperaturę sensors, when only the heating load is controlled with which the system is supposed to operate, it is set in %,
  • decreased depth, only 20 mm., enables mounting in the standard recessed wall installation box,
  • intuitive menu of the controller enables the easy programming, practically with no reference to the manual, which is of great help for the users.

One of the biggest advantages of OCD4 is that it can cooperate with any NTC sensor from any manufacturer, without damage to the controller, or invalidating the warranty restrictions. The only necessary action is the temperature calibration.

Last but not least, the important feature is a modern and attractive controller design, as presented in the accompanying picture.