ELEKTRA SelfTec®PROi LT Self-regulating Heating Cables


ELEKTRA SelfTec®PROi LT self-regulating heating cables have been designed for commercial and industrial applications, such as protection of pipes against frost and maintaining required process temperatures up to +65°C. These products are dedicated for both types of installations, in hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Optimal chemical properties and high UV resistance of HFFR outer sheath allow a wide range of applications.










Construction: – tin-coated multi-wire copper conductor:

   1.11 mm2 (10, 20 W/m)

   1.37 mm2 (33 W/m)

– self-regulating conductive core

– modified polyolefin insulation

– tinned copper braiding

– HFFR outer sheath

Shape: flat
Dimensions: 11.3 ±0.2 – 6.7 ±0.2 mm (10, 20 W/m)

13.4 ±0.2 – 6.7 ±0.2 mm (33 W/m)

Resistance range: variable, temperature depending
Power output (nominal): 10, 20, 33 W/m (+10°C)
Max. working temperature: +65°C
Max. exposure temperature: +85°C (power supply off)
Min. installation temperature: -40°C
Min. cable bending radius: 25 mm
Power supply: 230 V AC
Insulation test voltage: 2500 V
Standards: EN 62395-1, EN 60079-30-1, EN 60079-0
Certificates: ATEX, IECEx


ex45II 2G Ex 60079-30-1 IIC T6 Gb

II 2D Ex 60079-30-1 IIIC T85°C Db

IECEx KDB 18.0001U

Ex 60079-30-1 IIC T6 Gb

Ex 60079-30-1 IIIC T85°C Db

Product marking: Ex, CE
Temperature class: T6


Details and technical data: