ELEKTRA SelfTec®DW self-regulating heating cables. Multi-purpose antifrost protection system, for applications both outside and inside of pipes. Certified for drinking water applications.

In-pipe installation enables anti-frost protection of:

  • pipelines under operation, with no necessity of removing insulation,
  • underground pipelines.


twin-conductor shielded pvc-free multi-wire-conductor halogen-free






The 10 and 16 W/m cable output (at +10°C) was especially selected to account for the water heat capacity.

Available in a double layer polyolefin + LDPE sheath (SelfTec®DW), as well as a single layer fluoropolymer sheath (SelfTec®DW F). Certified for food contact applications, allowing for the in-drinking water pipelines applications.



The cables feature IPX7 protection rating, which will guarantee anti-shock protection when connected to the power circuit protected with a RCD.



Technical Data:

Power output (+10°C): 10 or 16 W/m
Power output (0°C in ice water): 16 W/m (SelfTec®DW 10 / DW F 10), 22 W/m (SelfTec®DW F 16)
Power supply: 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
External dimension of cable: 7 x 10 mm (SelfTec®DW)
6 x 9 mm (SelfTec®DW F)
Min. installation temperature: -25°C
Max. working temperature: +65°C
Max. exposure temperature: +65°C
Type of heating cable: self-regulating, conductor screen, single-side power supply
Screen of heating cables: 100% coverage, PET covered aluminum foil,
tinned copper braiding
Conductor: tin-coated copper 0.6 mm
Insulation: modified polyolefin
Outer sheath: double-layer, halogen free polyolefin + external LDPE, certified for drinking water applications (SelfTec®DW)

single-layer, fluoropolymer, certified for drinking water applications (SelfTec®DW F)

Min. radius of bending cable: 3.5 D
Max. cable length per circuit: 125m (+10oC), 120m (0oC),  70m (+10oC in water), 65m (0oC in water)
Max. circuit-breaker, C-type: 16 A
Product certificates: EAC, FBUZ, PZH (SelfTec®DW) and NSF 61 (SelfTec®DW F) Hygenic Certificates
Certificate of ISO 9001: IQNET, PCBC
Product mark: CE