The ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat system protects even during the most severe winters: gutters, down pipes, valves, compressed air or hydraulic cylinders and other objects which might be easily damaged by low temperatures.


uv-resistant twin-conductor shielded pvc-free multi-wire-conductor halogen-free



No more fear of cracking pipes or valves, of icicles hanging from gutters, of choked down pipes, etc. Once you have the ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat protection system, no more fear of water supply pipes or valves in non-heated rooms or outside of your house.
The ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat system operates based on the self-regulation of heating cables.

Description of the ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat antifrost system
Even in the most adverse winter weather, the ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat system protects water supply lines, valves, gutters, cylinders and other objects which are likely to fail due to low temperatures.
Once you have the ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat system installed, you do not need to be afraid any more, whether the water supply lines or water valves both in the non-heated compartments of your house and outside get frozen.

Easy assembly
The ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat system is designed to be laid directly on the protected part such as a pipe, a valve, or a gutter. You may install the SelfTec®system on plastic products as well. Unlike other heating cables, the ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat selfregulating cable stays flexible even in low temperatures and is easy to remove. If it’s necessary to place a heating element inside the pipe, we suggest using the SelfTec®DW heating cable. The external coating manufactured according to a special technology is certified for drinking water applications.

Operational comfort
The ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat system operates any time it is needed. You do not need to think any more of unexpected weather or air temperature changes. The system automatically adjusts the cable temperature so that the basic condition is met: the protected object must not be damaged by either the low air temperature, or by the high temperature of the heating cable.

Reliable design
The cable core is made of crosslinked polymer with an addition of carbon, and spread between two parallel copper conductors. The power is supplied from one end only. This design allows for a failure-free operation: in case of a local overheating, it is just that part which does not operate, and all of the remaining cable length keeps its properties. A tin-covered copper-wire braided screen protects the core without decreasing the cable flexibility. The external coat made of modified polyolefins largely improves the mechanical specification of the cable.


The self-regulation of heating cables is their capability to vary the power output (heat) when exposed to the changing environment conditions (temperature). The diagram presents the relation between the cable temperature and the pipeline (water supply) temperature. After the system has been switched on, while the pipe is still cool (blue), the heating cable “warms up” and delivers more power (red). When the pipe is warmer, the cable operates with less power and “cools down”.



The adjustment of the heat emitted by the cable is automatic. Thanks to that, the heating cable may be laid multi-layered, does not need to have a special thermal insulation, its position may be changed.
The ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat system is supplied from 230 V AC network.
Both simulated operation and practical tests confirm the operational comfort and dependability.
The ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat system keeps pipelines operable, protects buildings and people even at low winter temperatures.

Install the ELEKTRA SelfTec®16 ready2heat now, and you will forget your troubles with frozen pipelines and gutters in a cold winter.

Type Length (m) Output (W) +10oC
SelfTec®16/1 1 16
SelfTec®16/2 2 32
SelfTec®16/3 3 48
SelfTec®16/5 5 80
SelfTec®16/7 7 112
SelfTec®16/10 10 160
SelfTec®16/15 15 240
SelfTec®16/20 20 320
SelfTec®16/X lenght acc. to order (up to 80 m)