ELEKTRA MMT heating sleeves are specialized portableheating appliances, enabling immediate reusable application. These plastic sleeves comprise a layer of thermal insulation and a SelfTec®16 ready2heat heating cable terminated with a sealed plug. The sleeves are dedicated to frost protection of long elements, vulnerable to low temperature damage, such as pipes, valves and other objects.








Type Length (m) Power Output (W) +10°C
MMT 16/5 5 80
MMT 16/10 10 160
MMT 16/15 15 240
MMT 16/20 20 320
MMT 16/25 25 400




Technical Data

Power output (+10°C): 16 W/m
Power supply: 230 V ∼50/60 Hz
Min. installation temperature: –25°C
Max. working temperature: +65°C
Max. exposure temperature: +65°C
Conduit cables: 1 x 3 m; 3 x 0.75 mm2 or 3 x 1.0 mm2 with hermetic plug IP44
Type of heating cable: self-regulating, single-side power supply
Thermal insulation: 15 mm
Ingress protection IPX7
Certificate of ISO 9001: IQNET, PCBC
Product mark: CE