Elektra FC controllers are designed to control electronic heating and anti-frost protection systems, such as: – protection of gutters and drainpipes against freezing, preventing accumulation of snow on the roofs, etc. – protecting downhill drives, ramps, sidewalks against accumulation of snow and ice.




Technical data:
Elektra FC (controller)
Supply voltage: 230V, 50-60Hz
Built-in transformer: 24VAC, 8VA
Maximum load (L1 – potential contact) 15A, 230V
Installation on DIN bus
Temperature adjustment range: from -4°C to +5°C
Adjustable hysteresis: from 0,5 to 3°C
Weight: 495g
Dimensions: Height 90, Width 105; Depth 66 mm
Calibration: potentiometers for temperature sensors, hysteresis and humidity sensor




SG – ground humidity sensor
Installation: in the ground
Ingress protection: IP 68 Dimensions: Height 25, Diameter 60 mm
Measurement: humidity

SR – humidity sensor for gutters Installation: in the gutter Level of protection: IP 68 Dimensions: Height 17, Width 36, Length 97 mm Measurement: humidity 
TS – outdoor temperature sensor Installation: on the plasterwork Level of protection: IP 55 Dimensions: Height 64, Width 40, Depth 45 mm Measurement: temperature




Elektra FC controllers are designed to cost-effectively control systems protecting against snow and ice. Savings from the use of the controller consists in the fact that certain conditions must be fulfilled in order to activate the heating system, i.e. the temperature must drop below the set value and the sensor must detect humidity (snow is melted by the built-in heater). When the temperature drops below 0°C, and the sensor does not detect humidity, the controller will not activate the heating system (there is not threat of development of ice).

Gutter and roof control set: Elektra FC – controller TS – temperature sensor SR – humidity sensor

Downhill drives, ramps and sidewalks control set: Elektra FC – controller TS – temperature sensor SG – humidity sensor