Heating mats may be useful as the basic heating system or they may supplement the existing system. The application of heating mats is very broad, from residential buildings, public utilities to the buildings in which the economic activity is run.

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The research showed that the electric floor heating is the most favourable heating system for a human being, which takes into consideration the physiological distribution of temperature. Thanks to the low thickness, the heating mats could be used in the adaptation and redecoration of the existing structural solutions, which do not allowed for the floor’s elevation. The heating mats may be also used in new construction industry, as well as in all the places where the typical floor heating in the form of heating cables can not be applied.




The ELEKTRA heating mats may be used below each type of the floor that is adapted to the floor heating, i.e. below the floor that emits well the heat, e.g. terracotta, stone floor, as well as the carpeting. We recommend it as a very effective reheating system. In case of a good thermal insulation below the floor it may be also successfully used as the basic heating system. It is the quickest, the simplest and the most effective system to reheat rooms or just the preferred spots with the minimal amount of labour.






The assembly of a heating mat is very simple. When proceeding with the detailed instructions enclosed to the product, you are able to mount in your house without any troubles the well functioning floor heating.

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