Hybrid construction


The work carried out by the Research and Development Department lead to the decision to introduce innovations in the design of the flagship ELEKTRA VCD and VCDR heating cables. Due to the newest achievements in the chemical industry, materials can be engineered with increasingly better properties, which – when used properly – might significantly improve the quality, durability and lifespan of the heating cables these materials are applied in.

This, in turn, will translate into increased facility of installation and comfort of use of underfloor heating systems, as well as anti-frost, -snow and -ice heating systems. Rarely found in market-available heating cables, the proven structure of the sheath made from braided tinned copper wires has been enriched with monofilament fibers characterized by resistance to heavy loads (high breaking strength) and abrasion, resistance to high temperatures and operation of chemical substances, flexibility and low weight. Moreover, they are self-extinguishing materials manufactured from renewable raw materials.

hybrid_shieldThe presented hybrid construction solution, which is a successful combination of a well-established and proven copper sheath with a new generation material, enriches the VCD and VCDR cables with new, better properties while maintaining the sheath characteristics not only fulfilling but even exceeding the requirements of the EN 60228 standard.