35 years


When ELEKTRA company was established in 1985, it was hard indeed even to imagine that in time it will become one of the world-leading manufacturers of floor heating systems, frost protection systems and snow and ice protection systems. Since its creation, ELEKTRA company has been greatly interested in preservation of the highest quality of the offered solutions, and has always supported innovations in implementing modern technologies. Continuous development and investments in manufacturing facilities have enabled expansion of the supported range onto servicing industry and its processes, while servicing complex investment projects, starting from the design stage, with the operation stage to finish with, has won this Polish manufacturer numerous dedicated and loyal Clients, as well as a well-established place on the domestic and worldwide markets.


With the celebration of the 35th anniversary, we sincerely wish to express our gratitude to all our business Partners, Clients and Employees who, in the course of these 35 years, have been continuously assisting us in constituting the market success of the company.