Elektra IRcontrol

The range of temperature controllers has been expanded with a new product – the programmable digital controller IRcontrol. The IR sensor floor temperature measurement method is a new, highly innovative feature. The solution eliminates the necessity of installation of traditional floor temperature sensors directly on cables, which greatly simplifies the entire controller’s mounting procedure. The IR sensor floor temperature sensor performs measurements of the floor surfaces, thus being a universal solution, suitable for all floor types.

It is especially recommended for the combined operation with Elektra WoodTec. IRcontrol will perform the temperature measurements of the floor, air or air with max. and min. floor temperature limit. The measurement precision will not be disturbed when any mobile or immobile objects appear within the sensor’s vision range, as the sensor detects them by comparing the floor and ambient temperature, and thus eliminates their influence.

The programming procedure of the controller is performed in the weekly cycle, and matches the well-known DIGI 2p controller, additionally expanded with the adaptative function, keyboard lock (serving e.g. as protection against children or accidental alteration of settings) and automatic daylight saving time adjustment.

IRcontrol is suitable for standard flush installation box mounting. Apart from offering new, state-of-the-art functions, the controller’s design is an additional asset, being at the sime time esthetic and modern.