New temperature controllers

Elektra microline OCC2 and Elektra microline OCD2 controllers are an extension of the dependable microline product range well known all over the world. With a completely modified programming mode and a large display with graphic symbols – they have been designed to guide the user through the programming process. Such an innovative solution makes the modification of our initially programmed events a child’s play. The new features include assigning any temperature to every event (waking up, leaving, returning and the night mode) individually.
It is up to the user to decide whether to take advantage of the adaptation mode which adjusts the heating-on time so that the desired temperature is reached at the set time. If this function is turned off, the controller will switch on at the set time and will continue working until the desired temperature is reached.

Elektra microline OCC2 and Elektra microline OCD2 controllers may also offer the function of limiting the temperature adjustment range (MIN / MAX). This function is used to rule out the possibility of setting a temperature that would be too low or too high. Some wooden floors cannot be heated to more than +27 ˚C, and if the heating system is used to enjoy the comfort of a warm floor, the user does not want its temperature to fall below +22 ˚C.
The fact that Elektra microline controllers can be installed e.g. with a light switch, is of great importance. Such an option is ensured by a double frame that is perfectly compatible with equipment offered by Busch-Jaeger, Merten, Ensto or Eljo.

The Elektra euroster 2016 product range is another of our novelties. Both Elektra microline and Elektra euroster ranges share the momentary temperature change feature that may be taken advantage of irrespective of the mode or the program the controller is currently operating in. After the temperature value is increased or decreased, the controller will maintain such value until the next programmed event (Elektra microline), or until the next temperature change is executed by the program (Elektra euroster). Both product ranges can also be operated in the manual mode. Elektra microline controllers maintain the decreased or the increased temperature value until the command is cancelled by the user, and return to executing previously defined events. Elektra euroster controllers, on the other hand, maintain the increased or the decreased temperature value for 1 hour, 2, hours, 3 hours, etc. up to 24 hours, and then return to executing previously defined events.

New Elektra euroster controllers are programmed with the use of the old and reliable method consisting in setting the daytime (comfortable) and nighttime (economical) temperature levels. Additionally, an anti-freezing temperature is defined, which in this case is set at +7 ˚C over the entire 24-hour period. Every temperature level is effected by the program in which its duration is defined.

Elektra euroster controllers are additionally equipped with a control-mode switch. Controllers from this product range are capable of cooperating not only with heating but also with cooling equipment. The output signal delay function prevents the end-device from switching on too frequently, e.g. due to a short-duration draft.

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