Increasingly more people in Poland are consciously deciding to choose an electrical heating system.

The significant factors that influence this decision include:
– low investment outlay,
– comfort, simplicity and precision of control,
– no premises necessary for storing fuel,
– no products of burning – there are no heat losses during the transportation of heat (100% efficiency),
– no danger of poisoning by substances arising from the burning process,
– reliability of the heating system.

Choose the shortest path
Electricity is obtained from national energy media, the resources of which are sufficient for many years.
Electricity is therefore not sensitive to energy crises, supply difficulties or sharp price increases resulting from external factors.

And a high standard
Electricity is environmentally friendly. An apartment and its environment are protected from soot and exhaust fumes. A chimney becomes unnecessary. Electrical heating devices are simple to install without major construction works.
The use of electricity is easy to calculate. The meter provides precise information. Everyone pays only for the electricity they use. There is no additional work or expenses in calculating heating costs.

The costs of electricity from the nighttime tariff (depending on the region), are between 30 and 50% lower than the costs of electricity from the daytime tariff.
In all accounts, the electricity costs of storage heaters are not only a comfortable, but also an economic solution.

Innovation, the key to success
The name OLSBERG has been synonymous with modernness and the highest quality for more than 400 years. The company started its operations almost five centuries ago as a small smelting plant. It currently has four large plants and the OLSBERG brand is valued worldwide.
The key to OLSBERG’s success is innovation. In 1967, one of the patented new solutions was the first electrical storage heater under the OLSBERG brand name.
OLSBERG has taken a modern heating system based on storage heaters to perfection and has won many awards and distinctions.
The company’s most modern designs significantly exceed current laws on thermal insulation and heat savings. OLSBERG’s innovations define new standards in heating technology.